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We Can Trust Shelley to Fight for Our Values

Border Security

The Texas border is wide open. Illegal immigrants are flooding through our state, allowing Mexican cartels free rein for drug smuggling and sex trafficking. THIS MUST STOP. Let's stop talking about the wall and build it. Once the border is secure, we can make the process of becoming a citizen easier and more accessible while still maintaining a focus on national security.

Property Taxes

Texans pay some of the highest property tax rates in the nation, causing people to move out of state to retire. While the government will boast about tax caps and rate freezes that don’t work anyway due to increased appraisals, I have a multi-year plan to eliminate property taxes entirely by drastically reducing government spending and slightly raising the sales/consumption tax. I also promise to Texans that I will never impose an income tax.

School Choice

Parents should have the freedom to choose the right schooling for their child without government intrusion. Funding should follow a child for their education with NO hidden government strings or rules attached, now or in the future.

Abolish Democract Committee Chairs

Republicans have held a majority in the Texas House for decades, yet our Speaker (elected due to a backroom deal with the Democrats) has given the Democrats coveted Committee Chair positions, granting them the power to deny important bills from ever being heard. Democrats should not be committee chairs in a Republican majority House, and I will not allow it to happen.

Government Mandates

During the pandemic, I went to jail because I stood up to COVID tyrants and their mandates. The government completely took over our lives and demanded we shut down our small businesses, and we must make sure that will never happen again. I believe in personal responsibility and freedom to choose what is right for yourself and your family, and I will stand firm on this principle in the State House.


As a former school teacher, I know that some public schools can misappropriate funds, leaving teachers without the proper tools they need to create a positive learning atmosphere. To this end, I will make it a priority to increase starting pay for qualified, exceptional teachers to at least $60,000/year and increase COLA raises for retired teachers while also prioritizing excellent health benefits for teachers. In order to maintain a high quality of education, I will also fight to make sure that the TEA and the SBOE only employ individuals who have actually taught in a classroom. In terms of education content, I will work to make sure that the STAAR test and Critical Race Theory are eliminated and that education is supplemented with important life skills, and that trade schools are represented as an equal alternative to attending college.


The Texas legislature took a big step forward by passing the long overdue Heartbeat Bill, but there is still work to be done. Doctors should be held criminally responsible and their license stripped for murdering an infant of any age.

Secure the Power Grid

Texas should not rely solely on green energy, especially during an emergency. Nothing has been done to make sure that Texans don’t freeze to death in their own home, but I will change that as your Representative.

Texas Sovereignty

Texas is a free and independent state that should be governed by the people. I will fight to keep the government out of the lives of ordinary Texans as much as possible.

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